ST Consultancy Link to heading

Software Consultancy and Engineering company for Cloud and Crypto products

Founder and C/.*/O (Sep 2023-Present) Link to heading

  • Developing a flexible and dynamic Crypto Algo Trading platform to generate alpha.

Ovalsec Link to heading

A cybersecurity early stage startup focusing on External ASM discovery and protection of public assets

Engineering Manager (Jan 2023—Sep 2023) Link to heading

  • Led the RnD team to reach product milestones in alignment with the business targets that achieved adding new customers.
  • Achieved an MVP milestone in less than a year of development.
  • Was responsible for task allocation and time management.
  • Recruited and onboarded new team members (both RnD and QA).
Buzzwords: Product ManagementHiringCloud Budget OptimisationObservabilitySRE

Senior Software Engineer and Architect (Jan 2022-Jan 2023) Link to heading

  • Designed and implemented a microservice cloud product serving paying customers.
  • Developed and oversaw many of the product’s components.
  • Advocated DevEx by implementing internal processes to assist developers (e.g. implemented CI/CD, implemented task prioritization).
Buzzwords: PythonPostgreSQLSQLAlchemyRedisAWS SQSKubernetesDockerECSCeleryMarshmallowRocketryAWS LambdaGunicorn Link to heading

An AppSec company focusing on supply chain protection

Senior Software Engineer (Feb 2023-Jan 2022) Link to heading

  • Developed, deployed and maintained tailored made out-of-product complementary solutions for customers and prospects.
  • Handled full project life cycle from requirement gathering, drafting SOW, development, deployment and support.
  • Managed and developed the company’s Open Source repository.
  • Prevented churn by tailoring integrations into customers’ systems.
Buzzwords: PythonJavaFastAPIRESTYAMLGitSCRUMUvicorn

Continuity Software Link to heading

A company focusing on securing enterprise storage appliances and business continuity

Software Engineer (Jan 2017-Feb 2020) Link to heading

  • Researched and implemented new features, additional platform support and risk detection signatures into the product which directly assisted preventing churn of customers.
  • Acted as the main focal point to many of the supported platforms and technologies the product supports.
  • A key contributor to signing the company’s largest customer.
Buzzwords: JavaHibernateSpringOracleTomcatSCRUMVCSSANDRP